Zoddex, as you may know him online, born Harold Reyes, is a Costa Rican artist and content creator. His passions are Music, Videography, and Photography.
Launched his 1st Youtube channel on 2007. In this channel he talks about tech, creativity and trends.
Regarding his musical angle, his music does not fit into a single genre as he likes to experiment with hip hop, dance, electronic, and pop. He writes his own lyrics and also creates his own music. Has been creating music since 2007, and publishing his material online on sites like Soundcloud. In 2021 debuted on major online streaming services with a single called “All we need is to dance” which marked a new era on his craft.
He is also an actor and has had a few appereances in Costa Rican productions such as “Imaginary Mothers” and “Compas”
Zoddex was born on May 4th, 1990 in San Jose, Costa Rica. He is 179 cms tall.
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