Harold Reyes, known by his artistic name Zoddex, is a multi-talented individual who has pursued his passion for acting, music, and content creation. Born on May 4th, 1990, in San Jose, Costa Rica, Zoddex embarked on his creative journey with a natural inclination towards music, driven by his family's musical background.

While Zoddex's formal education in acting and music was limited, he took acting classes at the age of 19 and honed his musical skills independently. With a versatile approach to music, Zoddex refuses to be confined to a single genre, embracing various styles and expressing his creativity without limitations.

As a content creator, Zoddex established a presence on YouTube, where he shares his experiences and knowledge in acting, music, technology, and film. His diverse content encompasses discussions, tutorials, and engaging with his audience through comments and requests. Zoddex's genuine and natural approach resonates with his followers, as he aims to provide real and authentic content.

Zoddex has showcased his talents through notable projects such as the documentary "Imaginary Mothers" and small appearances on local shows. While still building his fanbase, he has gained recognition for his YouTube videos that address and solve problems for his viewers.

With a forthcoming album on the horizon, Zoddex continues to pursue his musical aspirations and plans to make his mark in the industry. Through his artistic endeavors, Zoddex emphasizes the importance of staying true to oneself and embracing diverse influences.
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